SEO Matters

There are many different websites online that will pay writers for their work in exchange for writing and posting articles. Many of these sites have several authors who try to encourage beginners by showing how they earn full time income from even just one site, but many of those new writers can quickly become frustrated when their efforts don’t meet with the same level of success as many of the other writers who post there. One of the major reasons for this is a lack of knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).

Many writers who start out online simply know how to write. Or sometimes they don’t even know that much, they simply know they love to write, but don’t understand how writing online differs from other types of writing. Online it’s all about getting found by the search engines. If you don’t know how to study keywords, how to place them in your article without being spammy, or how to get your articles linked to, then you will not have the same level of success as an author as someone who understands these concepts.

Writers who know how to do good research, find good topics that get a lot of searches, and write articles that can attract that traffic will do better than the writers who can’t or won’t. For this reason, online writing is far different than any other type that most freelance writers may have dealt with before.

This might not be what brand new writers want to hear, but better to find out now then later. If you want to be successful writing online for a living, you need to learn search engine optimization. Not only will this make you more desirable as a writer, but it will also make all your online articles that much more effective in getting traffic and income online.